Art With a heart beat


  • Script Writing and Theme Integration:: Art With A Heartbeat is most known for listening to the intended end result of your event and working to develop the best artistic means to that end. This often includes but is not limited to composing original theatrical scenes, dances, music, and spoken word to help communicate your message(s).   

  • Creative Consulting:: Need help developing a creative plan for your event or project? Don’t stress! Art With A Heartbeat can not only help you generate an arsenal of effective ideas, but also develop a workable creative plan and/ program flow for your event. 

  • Artist Resourcing:: So you know you have good content, but you need good artist and communicators to deliver it. We can help!

  • Performance Coaching::  You’ve got the talent, but just need a little coaching. We’ve got you covered! Whether it’s on- camera talent, stage performance, or business communication, we can get you ready to wow and move your audience.

  • Emceeing:: Need someone to engage your audience throughout your event? Of course you do! This is not the thing to sacrifice. Allow Art with a Heartbeat to provide the perfect person to be the face of your event. 

  • Resume Writing and Personal Brand Coaching:: Seem random? Think again. One of the most important messages you will ever communicate is the one about yourself. We can help you make a lasting impression through your resume and interview process.