Art With a heart beat


ART WITH A HEARTBEAT is a collective of artists, strategic thinkers and planners who breathe life into moments and messages through performance, written and visual arts. 

Have you ever attended a conference, concert, event or listened to someone deliver a speech and thought, “What he said was fine, but how he said it was terrible.” Too often meaningful messages are missed because of the thoughtlessness with which we say them. 

The arts: theatre, spoken word, dance, painting, music, spoken and written arts (to name a few) are goldmines to helping people make discoveries about themselves and seeing the world more comprehensively.

MY NAME IS ERIN ROCHELLE COLE, FOUNDER AND CEO OF ART WITH A HEARTBEAT.  ART WITH A HEARTBEAT was birthed out a burden to see meaningful messages make the impact the communicator intended them to make. AWAH brings creativity to content through the arts. I combine my communications degree with 15+ years of theatre and performance experience to lead a team in producing experiences that make your event and message life- changing. 

As an event planner for 8+ years I also have a keen understanding of the nuances of events. This gives me the upper hand in working creative elements into the natural flow of your programming. I hope you entrust us to help make your next project or event one to remember because with ART WITH A HEARTBEAT, truth would be artless, art would be lifeless and life would be hopeless.